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Variable Life Insurance

Equity Advantage VUL is a variable universal life insurance policy that offers a choice of death benefit guarantees and investment opportunities. It provides cash for your family or other beneficiaries if you die, and money for you while you are living. Equity Advantage VUL gives you the choice of allocating your net premiums to one or more of our 50 funding options, including a Fixed Account. Since the policy's cash value will vary with the performance of the particular funding option chosen, there are no cash value guarantees. However, there is a greater potential for growth. The more conservative Fixed Account does provide cash value guarantees. This product is currently available in all states.

Who's it for?

People who:

  • Have a need for Life Insurance.
  • Have longer time frames to weather the market.
  • Want control over where their net premium dollars are allocated.
  • Are interested in the potential for higher, tax-deferred cash value returns and are willing to accept greater risk.


  • There is no set schedule for premium payments after the first policy year, so as your needs and goals change you may be able to increase, decrease or stop premium payments.
  • Since the amount of coverage (face amount) can generally be adjusted, you may never need to purchase another life insurance policy.
  • We guarantee that the interest rate credited to the cash value in the Fixed Account will never be less than 3%.
  • A minimum death benefit is guaranteed regardless of funding option performance if you maintain Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit premium payments at specified levels.
  • In the event that the insured becomes disabled, this rider applies a predetermined amount of premium to the policy, within limits so that you can maintain coverage and continue to accumulate cash value.
  • The potential for your cash value to accumulate more rapidly.
  • The ease of professional portfolio management.
  • The flexibility to change the funding options in which your net premiums are invested at any time.
  • The ability to transfer money among the funding options at any time, currently without charge.

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